How others use Plunk

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We all love a good welcome email. It's the first impression you make on your customers. Make it count and open the door to a long-lasting relationship.

Marketing Actions


Churn is a big problem for Saas companies. Use Plunk to send personalized emails to churned customers to win them back.

Marketing Actions


Send feedback emails to your customers after they've used your product. Gain valuable insights and improve along the way.

Marketing Actions


Holiday season or not, sending discounts and gifts to your customers is a great way to show them you care. Use Campaigns to send promotions to your customers.



Warn users about approaching limits and encourage them to upgrade to a paid plan. Increase your revenue and reduce churn.

Marketing Actions


Deliver a link to content a user bought or subscribed to. Useful for digital products and services like Notion or website templates.

Transactional Actions


Motivate users to come back to your product by sending them personalized emails. Increase your active users and reduce churn.

Marketing Actions


Collect emails from users who are interested in your product. Keep track of signups and engage with them through campaigns.

Marketing ActionsCampaigns


Inform users about new features and updates. Increase engagement and encourage adoption of the entire product.



Inform users about deleted resources and allow them to recover them. Prevent data loss and increase satisfaction.

Transactional Actions