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Plunk is the leading email marketing automation tool for developers. Create, delay and repeat email flows that can be triggered from anywhere through a single API call.

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Finally a tool that's built for you

We get it, you don't need all those expensive knobs and dials, you just want to send emails. Plunk has got you covered on all the essentials.

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With Plunk

0 to Automated Marketing in 5 Minutes

Stop wasting time on confusing setup screens and difficult APIs. With Plunk you will send you first email in less than 5 minutes.


Trigger an event


Create a template


Create an action

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You're in good company

Over 200 companies, products and services already use Plunk to automate their email marketing.

"Transparent and intuitive UI, extremely easy setup & automation and great support."
Artur Czemiel

Artur Czemiel

Founder at

Beautiful design on every device

Why bother with a bloated template language. With Plunk you write your emails with Markdown, we take care of the rest. Opinionated, but flexible.

Segment better than ever before

With Plunk's powerful event tracking you can segment your contacts based on any event that happens in your app. Create lists and send emails with ease.

The cherry on top

Plunk offers a toolkit like no other. With our tools & API you take back control of your email marketing.

Privacy first

Plunk is built in the EU by a privacy focused team.

Deep Analytics

Always have a clear view on email performance.

Deliverability at its best

Landing emails in inbox is our top priority.

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