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Plunk is the affordable, developer-friendly email platform that brings together marketing, transactional and broadcast emails into one single, complete solution

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Three tools
Thousand problems

Duplicates, inconsistencies, dangerous scripts.
Let's be honest, email is a mess.

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Experience the convenience of having all your users and emails in one shared, intuitive space.

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Over 300 companies are already loving Plunk, discover how they're using it to grow their business on autopilot.

Transparent and intuitive UI, extremely easy setup & automation and great support.
Artur Czemiel

Artur Czemiel

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Delightful Design

Effortlessly create beautiful emails with Markdown. Responsive, opinionated, simply perfect.

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Faster than ever

Gain a complete, shared understanding of your email performance. Analytics that span across all your emails and users.

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