How to write the perfect activation mail for your SaaS

Let's chat about the unspoken hero in your digital communication arsenal - the activation email. Often neglected and underappreciated, a well-crafted activation email can be your first golden handshake with your new user, setting the tone for a fruitful relationship.

Let's dive into the nuts and bolts of creating an activation email that your users can't resist clicking.

1. The Subject Line: Your First Impression

In the wild wilderness of an overflowing inbox, your subject line is your neon sign, flashing "Open me, I'm important!"

Keep it precise, relevant, and action-oriented. And don’t overthink it. "Welcome to [Your Company's Name] - Please Activate Your Account!" will do just fine.

2. Personalization: No One Wants to Be 'User 3672'

Treat your new user like the unique human being they are, not another cog in the machine. Using their first name can create an immediate connection, showing you see them as more than just an email address in your database. Plus, it's always nice to read something that doesn't feel like it was churned out by an emotionless robot.

Because you're not, right?

Why not make it fun, and mention that this day will be your new favorite day of the year, just because this user decided to sign up.

3. The Call-to-Action (CTA): Making Your Intentions Clear

Your CTA is your showstopper, the grand finale of your activation email.

Spoiler alert, most people won’t actually read your email at all. Just make sure that damn CTA stands out like a dog at a cat convention. A call-to-action like "[Activation Button: Confirm your account]" leaves no room for misunderstanding.

4. The Professional Sign-Off: It's a Wrap!

Cap off your activation email with a dash of professionalism. Your name, position, and company name not only add legitimacy to the email but also show the user that there are real people behind your brand. Remember, your activation email is your product's ambassador. It's not just a functional piece of communication - it's a representation of your brand, your culture, and your commitment to user experience. So go forth, SaaS and indie founders, and craft an activation email that your users will actually look forward to opening.

5. Keep the Tone Consistent

Consistency is key to maintaining your brand image. If your brand voice is lighthearted and quirky, carry that tone into your activation email.

This isn't to say you can't be professional and fun at the same time. There's a lot of room to be creative and playful with your wording without compromising the seriousness of your message.

Give our old friend ChatGPT a visit if you need some inspiration.

6. Open the Door to Support

Make it abundantly clear that you're there for them, like a good friend with a truck on moving day. Providing a link to your help center or your support email gives them an immediate point of contact if they stumble upon any snags during the activation process.

Personally, I’d put that in a second automation right after they confirmed their account.

7. The Magic of Gratitude

Never underestimate the power of a sincere 'thank you'. It’s like the cherry on top of an activation email sundae. Thanking your users for signing up shows your appreciation and acknowledges their decision to choose your product over the competition.

Why not combine this one with the support email?

8. Regular Follow-ups

We all procrastinate sometimes, and that might mean your user doesn't activate their account right away. Sending a friendly reminder a few days later can jog their memory. Keep the tone casual and non-intrusive. You're reminding them, not nagging, mom. Doing all this will basically assure your activation emails will have a sky-high activation rate.

Of course, if you don’t have a way to set all of this up, you’re at the right place. Plunk manages all this and much more for you. Head over to the Plunk dashboard to get started, or check out our docs to see how to set it all up.

Carlo D'Agnolo
CarloFounder & Head of Growth at Plunk