Clippulse chooses Plunk as their email partner

Clippulse is an online video creator that makes it easy for anyone to create attention-grabbing promotion videos. The mastermind behind the tool is Indie hacker Andrei Terteci.

Andrei carefully evaluated the email platforms available on the market and decided to go for Plunk. We sat down with him and had a chat about email, indie hacking and why Andrei decided to go for Plunk.

Background on Clippulse

At the time of writing, Clippulse is still a very young business. Andrei was looking for an easy and efficient way to create a beautiful promotional video for a product. He quickly figured out that there are two options: use an existing online tool that limits you in its capabilities or face the long and daunting process of learning video editing. Clearly there was a gap in the market, and Andrei decided to fill it.

Andrei learned from his previous projects and knows that a fast execution is crucial to validate your ideas. Before even announcing the idea, Andrei spent 3 days working on a prototype to verify if his idea was technically feasible. Once his very first prototype was finished, he decided to build a simple landing page that explains the problem he was solving with Clippulse and how. Andrei added a payment link on his website where people could already pre-order the product. It turns out this was the gold he was looking for, in the first 2 hours of launching the landing page he had already made 3 sales.

I made the first 3 sales within 2 hours and I knew that it was something worth building.

Life as an indie hacker

A part of our conversation was dedicated to life as an indie hacker. We asked Andrei questions about how he grows his business and the challenges he is facing.

Andrei tells us about the first challenge he faced, and one that many founders face, the death of his launch hype. When you first launch a product, a lot of people are interested but keeping this hype going is a hard challenge. Andrei used the data he had gathered and discovered that he was facing a distribution problem. No matter how great your product is, if people can't find it they won't buy it either. He decided to dedicate more time on marketing the product to make sure people find their way to his website.

Stay consistent and don’t give up because things compound and over time you’ll gain a lot of experience and learn a lot of things that will eventually take you closer to your goals.

Andrei also talks us through what motivates him to keep on going. For indie hackers, the small accomplishments are what matter most. Every time he makes a sale, every time he sees someone mention Clippulse on social media... These minor achievements give Andrei the feeling that he is building something people want.

Clippulse and Plunk

Before choosing Plunk, Andrei was using another email tool and did not want to make the switch right away. Andrei discovered Plunk on Twitter when he noticed many people were mentioning it, he gave Plunk a spin and has never looked back since.

What sets Plunk apart for Andrei is the fact that all his emails are managed from one platform. This single pane of glass approach allows him to send transactional emails and trigger marketing automations without having to integrate multiple APIs and platforms.

I never looked for another email platform since then.

Andrei also mentions that Plunk is tailored for SaaS products like Clippulse. From the carefully created documentation to the developer-friendly API. Plunk perfectly fits in the Clippulse stack!

You can discover more about Clippulse and Andrei by visiting the following links.

Dries Augustyns
Dries AugustynsFounder & Technical Lead at Plunk