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Introducing Plunk for Transactional Emails

It has been a long wait, but I am incredibly happy to announce that Plunk for Transactional Emails is now available to everyone.

Starting today, all users on the free plan get fifty transactional emails per day on top of the fifty automated emails you already had. Plunk Pro users get a whopping five thousand transactional emails per day.

Introducing Plunk for Transactional Emails

As easy as ever

We have kept the simplicity that you love and integrated it, right into Plunk’s Transactional Emailing. Check out this example!

An example of how to send an event from Bubble to Plunk
An example showing how to send a transactional email with Plunk

There are a couple of important things that you should know before you start sending out your first emails though!


There are a couple of important things that you should know before you start sending out your first emails though!

When using Plunk for transactional emails you are responsible for design and responsivity. Plunk provides no structure or markdown language for transactional, HTML emails!

You can make use of our Markdown to HTML converter or a framework like MJML to guarantee a consistent layout across all devices and screens.

What about unsubscribing?

Transactional emails do not come with the unsubscribe footer because they are meant for critical information and application features like password resets, receipts… All emails that are being sent will be closely monitored so don’t try to pull a funny 😉

Any email that can be considered as a marketing communication should either make use of Plunk Automations or offer the user the ability to unsubscribe through a custom unsubscribe link!

If you want to attach the unsubscribe footer to a transactional email, then you can do so by adding the withUnsubscribe parameter to your request.

You can read more about this and other features on the API docs

Other features you may have missed

We are constantly working on improving Plunk and delivering the quality you expect.

  • Upgraded the analytics tab thanks to the lads at
  • Improved our open & click tracking. While this is not yet visible for you, we are actively collecting data about your emails, including any transactional emails you will send.
  • Added various template to get you started. Welcome emails, updates logs and other can be found in your Plunk dashboard!

A little celebration

Just like with my other major communications, I want to end this one with a little celebration. Plunk recently welcomed its 200th user! Thank you for the continued support, suggestions, and ideas in my inbox. Couldn’t have done it without all of you ❤️