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Plunk is the market-leading email marketing tool for indie hackers that need the essentials. Create complex flows, schedule them automatically, trigger them from anywhere in the world. All through a single API call.

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Complex email flows nobody understands? No thank you.

Plunk is built for indie hackers by indie hackers. We know as builders ourselves that you don’t want to waste time on complex campaigns, confusing setup screens and complicated flows that nobody understands. Plunk levels up you email marketing without the headache.

In the past

With Plunk

You bring the ideas, we bring the rest

Use Plunk to easily create better relationships with your customers. Create automated email marketing flows that can be delayed or repeated, and trigger them from anywhere. Automatically check up on your users and discover the brilliant insights you have been looking for.

User triggers an event in your application

Your application sends the event to Plunk

Plunk sends the right email to your user

One API call is all it takes

Plunk is by far the easiest email marketing tool to integrate, gone are those outdated client libraries and complex enterprise APIs you hate using. A single API call is all you need to add Plunk's event tracking & automated emailing into your own applications.

1await fetch('', {
2  method: 'POST',
3  body: JSON.stringify({
4    event: "new-project",
5    email: "",
6    data: {
7      company: "Plunk"
8    }
9  }),
10  headers: {
11    'Content-Type': 'application/json',
12    'Authorization': 'Bearer API_KEY',
13  },

Don't just take it from us

Over 100 indie hackers worldwide already use Plunk to level up their email marketing campaigns.

"I’ve been using Plunk for building & sending out marketing emails and genuinely love it! Highly recommend! 🤙🏻"
Joe Ashwell

Joe Ashwell

Founder at

Everything you need to get started in under 5 minutes

Plunk comes with all the great tools you need to automate your email marketing. Nobody likes spending hours getting their setup just right which is why we made sure it all works out of the box.

Delivery & Open Tracking

Drag-and-drop editor


Email from your own domain

Easy integrations with other tools

Personal Support

All of the power, none of the cost

Stop spending your hard-earned revenue on expensive tools that aren't tailored to your needs. Plunk is built by a small team that understand your needs.

Save $20 with yearly billing



The perfect plan for bootstrapped founders

  • 2 automated flows with 50 emails per day

  • Email from your own domain

  • 1 seat



The plan if you are looking for some extra power

  • 20 automated flows with unlimited emails

  • Email from your own domain

  • Email tracking

  • 5 seats

  • Amazing support


Need even more power or not sure if Plunk can scale to your size?

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